Foreign Policy: Peace over War

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IMAGINE a world where all countries work together as neighbors and partners for healthy, sustainable living for every person around the world…

Our goal should be peace, security, and self-determination worldwide. This will not happen if we continue to arm the very terrorists we claim to be fighting. This will not happen if we have a commander in chief who is more concerned about retweets and personal popularity than he is about reading. We need to repeal the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that gives the president a blank check to enter into war without Congressional approval. We need to close unnecessary military bases and redirect funds home and fully invest in education, healthcare, jobs, and infrastructure.

Our nation is one that was founded on the ideals of imperialism, so it is time for a cultural attitude adjustment. We still think that strength and courage comes from flexing our mighty muscles at the world. It is time for us to recognize the strength in diplomacy and leading by example. We are not the world’s police. Our interventionist wars do not help us to defeat extremist groups. They exacerbate them. They contribute to them.

The American people support truth over fear mongering. We must be truthful with our international community and also with ourselves. We must be firm with our democratic values, whether at home or abroad. We must take the moral path as we strive to promote world peace over world domination. Imagine.

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Ricardo Gonzalez