Environment: Sustainable Living

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IMAGINE knowing that the water you drink is safe, the food you eat is healthy, and the air you breathe is clean…

As one of the most environmentally conscious states in the union, California should not have some of the worst pollution in the country. California’s population will reach 50 million by 2050. At the same time, the population is aging and demographics are shifting. The location and characteristics of the state’s future population will affect environmental and economic outcomes, as well as affect demand for housing, transportation, jobs, and education. Removing our dependency on fossil fuels, investing in 100% renewable energy, and subsidizing local, sustainable farms is the way of the future. This will bring us more jobs, better infrastructure, exciting technological innovation, trade schools, and healthy living for all communities. This will also allow us to foster self-determination for the U.S., removing our reliance on other countries for oil, moving us closer to our goal of peace over war.

Imagine your community, regardless of its income level, having affordable, clean food and water. Imagine going to your local grocery store and being able to afford healthy food and knowing that your grocery bill is paying your local farmer’s bills. Imagine the energy used by your bank, your house, your car costing less money and being good for the environment and economy. Imagine.

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Ricardo Gonzalez