Feinstein’s opponents statistically tied in bid for jungle primary win


May 29, 2018

CALIFORNIA — An Emerson University poll released Monday shows Senator Dianne Feinstein faces viable challenges from five of nearly 30 opponents. Feinstein, 84, is running for a sixth term in the U.S. Senate. The poll shows five of Feinstein’s opponents are statistically tied for the second spot in the top-two primary: State Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, self-financed lawyer Eugene Patterson Harris, two Republicans, and 37-year-old former teacher Alison Hartson.

While much of the media presents this race as being a contest between Feinstein and De Leon, the Emerson polling data shows that the June 5 top-two primary is going to be a nailbiter.

“The race is wide open. The recent polling results reflect data we have been seeing in the field for months,” said Joe Spaulding, Hartson’s campaign strategist. “Alison has inspired a tireless and innovative campaign culture among her thousands of volunteers. With many wealthy individuals choosing to self-finance their campaigns like Trump did, our volunteers are actively proving an that authentic grassroots movement is something money cannot buy.”

Hartson agrees. “I am so proud of this campaign, of the nearly 2,000 volunteers who have phone-banked, canvassed, donated time and money to this effort. It’s time for real change in our government. It’s time to root out corruption, hold politicians of all parties accountable, and return Congress to one of, by and for the people,” she said.

Hartson, former National Director of a non-profit dedicated to the fight against corporate and dark money influence in politics, boasts a platform that the Emerson poll shows has cross-partisan appeal, with more Republicans voicing support for her campaign than Republican candidate Rocky de la Fuente and more registered Democrats voicing support for Hartson than De Leon. The data also shows almost a third of voters are still undecided.

“From the beginning, Alison Hartson’s campaign has focused on issues that matter to voters like ending the influence of corporations on policymakers and securing our right to health care by enacting Medicare for All,” Spaulding said. “Some of the more seasoned politicians are trying to pivot close to that messaging this late in the race, but it is clear from our momentum, the voters see Alison as the most authentic voice when it comes to key issues.”

“People are ready for change,” said Hartson. “Voters want representatives who listen to their concerns and advocate for them in D.C. Californians deserve a Senator untainted by even a penny of corporate or dark money. That’s why this campaign is thriving. I’m not running on platitudes or promises. I’m running on policies for the people.”

The California primary election is Tuesday, June 5.

Alison Hartson is a True Progressive running for U.S. Senate in California. A former school teacher turned activist, Hartson spent 5 years at the helm of Wolf-PAC, an organization working for a 28th constitutional amendment to get money out of politics in this country once and for all. Hartson’s platform includes Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, Maximum income and a swift shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Learn more about Alison Hartson at alisonhartson.com.

Alison Hartson