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Phone Banking




About Phone Banking:

We call voters using what we refer to as “The Dialer.” The Dialer is open 10AM - 9PM pacific, Monday through Saturday, and 12AM - 9PM pacific on Sundays. You can hop on any time, or you can schedule times for yourself.


Call voters in California to spread the good word about Alison Hartson running for U.S. Senate. You can call from the comfort of your home, during lunch, or a school break. It’s easy and super effective.

What you'll need:

  1. A phone - cell phone, landline or VOIP system
  2. A desktop or laptop computer with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
    Note: You must disable your pop-up blocker! (Disabling Pop-Up Blocker Guide)
  3. Steady internet connection/wi-fi


Before the Call

Watch this 4 minute video for instructions, or read our instructions-made-easy below, or read the comprehensive instructions here. Login credentials and login windows are further down this page.


Making the Call


Read the call script to prepare yourself. We recommend reading it out loud a few times.

Review the Response Sheet and remember to identify the voter if you’ve spoken to them.

Click to access the Dialer Login to begin making calls.


During the Call

Step 1:

Move the script to a separate window if it is open in a new tab so that you have the desktop agent window and the script side by side so you do not have to switch between the two.


Step 2:


Once you know the script, set yourself into ‘ready’ mode (see GIF on the right). When a voter becomes available, you’ll hear a ‘beep’ in your phone and your pop-up will fill with information. That beep indicates that a live voter has been connected to you. As they are connected, their information appears on your screen, including the name, address and polling/caucus location as we get closer to election days. When you’re first connected to a call, be sure to greet them ‘hello’ instantly - they’ve already picked up and said hello at least once on their end, so jump right into the call script and greet the person whose information has displayed. If you wait for them to speak, chances are they will hang up and you will end up with lots of calls with dead air.


Step 3:

Record The Response. Remember, you will have 90 seconds after your call to do so — Justice Dialer Response Sheet.

  • The section titled “recent” will appear once you have made your first call. It does not mean that this voter has been marked or called already. This is there to make finding YOUR common responses easier.
  • After you record your response, you have the option after the call to go “Ready” or “Not Ready.” Use this if you need a few seconds to take notes.
  • If you speak to someone and close the window or log off without marking their attempted/canvassed response in the agent desktop window, then the call is wasted. The voter will be recycled back into the list and called again, which is what we do not want to do. 
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Phone Banking Script


Hello, my name is______ may I please speak with __________?

Hi _______, my name is _______and I’m a volunteer with the Alison Hartson for California U.S. Senate Campaign in 2018. 

Have you heard of Alison yet? 

If have NOT heard of her:

Alison Hartson was a public high school teacher for 10 years. Most recently, she was the National Director of a non-profit organization working to end government corruption and the influence of dark money in our political system. Now, she is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent, Dianne Feinstein, who is part of the problem. We need true progressives to represent California and that is why Alison Hartson isn’t taking a dime from corporations nor dark money groups.

Can she count on your support and vote in California's Democratic primary on June 5th?

(click on result to jump to the next script section)

  1. STRONG Alison Hartson
  2. LEAN Alison Hartson
  4. LEAN Opponent
  5. STRONG Opponent
  6. LEAN Other
  7. STRONG Other


Support 1 - 2

Great! That's very helpful to us. We're working hard to spread our message and we have just a couple of months left to organize the entire state and get the real change we need, so your help is really valuable. If we all stand together, we can win this. 

Are you available to help knock on doors or make calls to voters just like I am doing right now?

If YES can volunteer:

Awesome! We have events coming up soon that we really need your help on. We are [CALLING/TEXTING/MEETING] on [EVENT DATE] at [EVENT TIME]. Can we count on you to join us? [Enter voter name, email, zip code and phone number on the right]


If YES can attend:

That's great! We have events coming up soon that we really need your help on. I have your zip code as [READ ZIP CODE]. is that correct? [Enter correct Zip Code & Search for an event near them. Read event info and ask if that works. RSVP the voter to the specific event.] You will receive a confirmation email shortly and a local organizer will reach out to confirm and answer any questions over the next few days. Thank you for your time and support for Alison - we look forward to having you join us soon, [voter name].

If NO cannot attend:

That's ok we have lots of events in the future and I'm sure we can find one that works for you! Let's get you on the volunteer list for now and then someone will reach out as we add more volunteer events to the list. [Sign up to volunteer form at the bottom of the events section] Thank you for your time and support for Alison- we look forward to having you join us soon, [voter name].

If NO cannot volunteer:

It’s alright - if you find time in the future, please visit to get involved. You can also keep up with our campaign by liking us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Can I send you a text with links to our website or social media so you can give us a like or follow?

Thank you for your time and support for Alison - we look forward to having you join us soon, [voter name].



Undecided/Lean Opponent 3 - 4

It’s alright, our campaign is just getting started so you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know Alison Hartson over the next few months.

Personally, I support Alison because _____________

Sample Text: "Personally, I support Alison because I want a hard worker and a fighter, and I want someone who understands the problems so that she can focus on solutions. And I find that most politicians have no idea what the problems are in the country right now, because they're isolated for them. Alison was the first in her family to get a college degree, she taught high school to working class students, she sees how money destroys the education system, her students' families, and then she decided to work 17-hour days for basically peanuts in this group called Wolf-PAC, which tries to get money out of politics, and now she is trying to get direct change. She's relentless, she's fearless, she's tireless, she's really smart, and she fights and sacrifices for everybody, not just herself."

You can see more about Alison’s plans and the importance of this campaign on our website at

Do you want me to send you a text with links to Alison's website or social media so you can find out more information? 

Thank you for your time, [voter name].



DO NOT Support 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Thank you for your time, [voter name].


Still Need Help?

Email Justice Democrats directly at

Message Justice Democrats Support Team through their livechat/support widget.