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Why Californians Are Voting for Alison Hartson


Lifelong Republican on Why He Supports Alison Hartson

Alison Hartson Wants MONEY Out of Politics and FEINSTEIN Out of Office

Dianne Feinstein's Sad Record On Peace In The Middle East

Alison Hartson EXPOSES Feinstein's Corruption

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Alison Hartson Hits CA Media for Ignoring AT&T Corruption at Home

The Humanist Report: Progressive FIERCELY Challenging Corrupt Corporatist Dianne Feinstein

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“Let’s Show the World What’s Possible”

Alison on TYT

Alison on TYT

Alison on TYT

Alison on TYT

Alison on TYT

Alison Hartson and Deedra Abboud debate on TYT

The Kyle Kulinski Show

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Alison Hartson on Income Inequality

Alison Hartson on Healthcare

Alison on TYT

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Feinstein: Trump Is Only Bad When He's 'Off Script'

Justice Democrat Beating Diane Feinstein?

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